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About SEO measures service

I will explain the SEO measures our service.

※ We ask that you please carefully read.

The SEO measures due to the excellent link: Service Features

The SEO measures due to the excellent link: Service Features

In our company, in order to provide a high-quality link to customers, we have a variety of ideas. It has adopted a system that expansiveness as well as quality also increases gradually, do not take spam it will be natural to the link.

Full results-based compensation SEO measures: Service Features

We provide high-quality service.

In addition, every Monday, we are delivered by e-mail keyword ranking of Yahoo. If you did not enter the top 20 more than once a month by e-mail of this place, the period is 20 position below will be considered to be at least two weeks out of a month, I do not get the cost of all. The outcome-based compensation SEO, and if that does not reach the target ranking, is a service that costs not applied at all.

Achieved the top 20 in Yahoo: Service Features


60% of the users of the search engine currently we use Yahoo. It is also possible to display the top of Google in the cross-link of spam imitation, but this is not of SEO will go up really effective. It lets me be charged only when it is not imperative to charge when it is displayed higher on Google, it is compensated by the Yahoo ranking in us.